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Coral Coraxalia

About Us

Our founder, Marisa Bell-Young, is an accomplished and experienced soprano. When she moved to Spain she wanted to continue singing but found there were no suitable classical choirs in the immediate vicinity. She decided to form her own choir and advertised in local bars, shops and post offices. Realistically she expected a fairly muted response, but over 30 people turned up for the first meeting! She was overwhelmed by the response. Thus, Coral CoraXalia was created. Marisa has since left the choir but we appreciate her efforts getting the choir started and keeping it going over the years.

Everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy the singing, the friendship and camaraderie. We sing in English, Spanish, Latin, French, German and Italian, so it can be quite challenging! Our repertoire is an eclectic mix of modern and fun, as well as the more serious, some opera and a good sprinkling of religious material.

We welcome anyone who is interested and enthusiastic and who is willing to commit their time. Our membership fee is currently 15 euros per month, which is simply to cover our venue and Musical Director costs. The choir meets all year, although there is usually a break in August for holidays.

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